Energy Products

Energy Products for Wellbeing


Glendy curated a collection of energy products to enhance overall wellbeing and healing. She uses them on a daily basis and they are prominently used in her healing space. Schedule an appointment and visit her healing space to discuss what you want to address. Glendy will show you the tools and give you a tutorial to enhance your wellbeing at home and on the go.


  • Restructure and charge water

  • Reduce electromagnetic frequency interference with the body at home and on the go (cell phone, computer)

  • Quickly clearing low vibrations and enhance energy healing

  • Sound instruments to bring moment of peaces

  • Protection from lower vibration / enhance harmony for all within its energy field for better health, mood and relationship

  • Enhance meditation

  • Travel tools - block/neutralize negative energy on the go (plane, trains and automobiles…)

  • Crystals programed to increase harmony and for psychic self-defense