We can all attest to how a song can instantly transform our being. Sound, being a vibratory medium, is well position to influence our body, mind and emotion. We let go of stress and lower vibrations as the body entrains (meaning to get in sync) with healing sound frequencies. These frequencies rejuvenate the body and bring our brain waves to the theta state where deep relaxation, inspiration, profound creativity and  a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe can be experienced.  Every sound journey is unique.  The healing, relaxation, rejuvenation that can be experienced in this practice is accessible to all.




Yantra provides a window to the universe in geometric forms. Infused with specific frequency and energy pattern, yantra can be used as a tool to bring in the desire resonance for support our spiritual growth and daily lives. Working with yantra, whether it is painting it, meditating to it, speaking it's mantra or simply allowing it to infuse your space, it expands the possibilities, brings harmony and increase resonance with what the universe has the offer. If you desire bliss and beauty, a planetary yantra of venus is in order. For expansion and radiance, sun would be a great guide.  


Flower Essences & Spiritual Herbalism

Flower essences capture the subtlest energy, or spirit, of a flower. They are excellent remedies supporting our emotional and mental transformation acting on the vibrational level.  Working with the powerful lines of flower essences from Master Herbalist Julia Graves of Green Tara Flower Essences, Author of The Language of Plants and The Lily Circle, I share wisdoms from the essences to help stay grounded, heal deep trauma, shift consciousness and balance our feminine and masculine qualities. Flower essences from the lily family help keep our hearts open and honoring our inner wisdom in handling physical, emotional and mental challenges in every stages of our lives.  Spiritual Warrior Essence strengthen our boundaries and visions and keep us true to ourselves. In addition to flower essences, I will also share the arts of using sacred herbs, as transmitted by Jacquline Jinpa Guiteau, meditation master, spiritual teacher and herbalist, including smudging and other rituals to support our spiritual practice and improves our worldly lives. 



Energy Healing is an ancient healing modality that works with the subtle energies of the body to bring about a natural state of purity and wholeness.  These special energetic vibrations facilitate and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal.  Using Pranic Healing, a healing technology, I work with you to clear congested energy detected in the etheric body, and strengthens it with clean supportive energy. It is through these healing vibrations that our physical body, which is molded after the etheric body, will self-heal, clearing up the physical and emotional symptoms we have been experiencing as sickness and dis-ease.  Energy Healing is considered complementary alternative medicine (CAM) and focuses on the same major energy centers and pathways (chakras and meridians) of the body  with practical application well beyond the physical.