Serenity | Energy Healing

Serenity | Energy Healing

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Sessions designed to address and shift imbalances accumulated in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Sessions leverage a combinations of energetic healing technology that may include SOUND, CRYSTAL, PRANIC HEALING, FLOWER ESSENCES, SACRED GEOMETRY and more, specifically customized to the clients needs for the session. Each package include discussion of energetic hygiene and strategy to help maintain the healing after healing. 

Common Ailments Addressed

Physical Conditions | Aches and Pains (e.g. Sciatica, Lower back pain, Digestive Issues, Menstrual Cramps, Migraine Headache, Arthritis , Enhance Immunity and Defense, Anti – Aging / Body Tune-Up, Pre/Post Surgery Support, Cancer Recovery, and more

Mental / Emotional Conditions | Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Burn Out, Seeking clarity, personal insight, Self-Love + Self-acceptance + Self Esteem, Mental + Emotional Resilience

Relationship Healing | Romantic Partnership, Parents/child, Release Unhealthy Patterns + Old Relationship 

*Package sharable with family

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