Inner + Outer Beauty | Pranic Facial & Facelift "aka Energy Botox"

Inner + Outer Beauty | Pranic Facial & Facelift "aka Energy Botox"

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Would you like to bring out the radiance you had in your face but don’t like the options of surgery or injecting toxic in the body?

We are offering this special program to go deeper into the underlying cause of aging with a series of healing sessions to remove traces of stress and negative emotions left on our face in the form of wrinkles, acne, sagging and lack of radiance.  These no-touch sessions provide psychotherapy on an energetic level and are designed to bring out your inner beauty onto the surface.  The healing procedure is similar to normal facial / face lift on an energetic level with an added bonus of detail refinement like energy “Botox”. Effects of healing may be felt and seen immediately and will accumulate over time.


  • Duration: over 5-9 weeks

  • 18 energy healing sessions (9 in-person healings + 9 distant healings, with a minimum of 2 healings a weeks)

  • Energy healing not only covers pranic facial + facelift, sessions will include anti-aging for whole body maintenance, disconnect draining connections, psychotherapy on stress + anxiety, brain rejuvenation and regeneration

  • Guided meditation for practice at home to increase the rate of healing and absorption

  • Flower essence therapy for the treatment duration to enhance beauty, radiance, self love and divine connection

  • Education on daily energetic hygiene to reduce stress and accumulation of energetic contaminations 

  • Simultaneous Gemstone InfraMat Therapy during in-person session for therapeutic benefits from deep far infrared heat, gemstone crystal blend, negative ion and PEMF bio-magnetic therapy which can increase oxygen circulation in the body, lower inflammations, relief pain and improve sleep quality.


  • Restore joyfulness and sparkles in the eyes as well as overall facial appearance 

  • Reduction/removal of wrinkles, improve texture, restore radiance in skin associated with stress, emotion and aging

  • Lighten sun damage

  • Firming and lifting of face and eyes

  • Physical resilience -  Remove and prevent stress and blockages from accumulating in the body that often associated with aches and pains.  Quality sleep. Release toxins. Improve overall functioning of the body. Feel energized and pain/strain-free.

  • Emotional/Mental resilience - address emotional and mental factors contributing to the accumulation of stress in the face. 

  • Deepen connection to the Divine Feminine in you

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