Flower Power | Healing Your Emotions with Flower Essences

Flower Power | Healing Your Emotions with Flower Essences


Plants medicine have been employed by many cultures for wellness and healing. Flower essences, a more subtle preparation, capture the spirit of a flower from a plant. It is especially suited for addressing mental emotional imbalances and patterns leading to dis-ease in the body. They have the ability to gently shift our consciousness so that we can response from a higher vibrational and constructive view point for ourselves and others. 

In this intimate session, we will tap into your deep inner knowing with the guidance from your Divine Self to identify the healing plant allies you need right now to support your journey to heal past wounds, overcome blockages and step into your power. 


• Assessment + Meditation + Selection + Tasting/Healing + Usage Guidance

• Include a 1-month supply of custom flower essences blend to raise your vibration

• Common conditions | Fear and Anxiety, Speak Your Truth, Healing Old/Childhood Woundings, Workaholism, Combating Hectic City Life, Healing Heartbreak, Prepare for Motherhood, Rejuvenation from Pregnancy, Step Into Your Power, Untangle Ensnaring Situations/Relationships, Increase Creative Expression, Start Anew/Step Into The Unknown.

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