BE CALM.  | A Personal Healing Journey to Lower Stress + Anxiety 

BE CALM.  | A Personal Healing Journey to Lower Stress + Anxiety 


Are you anxious 24 x 7 ?
Do you put your responsibilities well above your personal well being?
Do you feel responsible for the success of everyone and everything in your world?

Over 4 private sessions, we will dive into the realms of energy to Lower Stress + Anxiety we carry with us. It is in developing new relationship with our responsibilities that we can strive toward balance. These sessions, with take home exercises, leverage a combinations of energetic healing technologies that may include SOUND, CRYSTALS, PRANIC HEALING, MEDITATION, FLOWER ESSENCES, SACRED GEOMETRY, YUEN METHOD and more.

Each session is customized to help you stay in the calm while balancing achievements in all aspect of life while maintaining personal well being.


  • Four (4) private energy healing sessions (60 - 75 min.) over 4 - 7 weeks

  • Flower essences consultation + 2 months supplies of custom blended flower essences remedy for mental/emotional healing

  • Meditation crystals set

  • Focus

    • Examine and reconstruct relationships with stressors

    • Develop good mental health habits

    • Establish helpful energetic routines to lower stress

    • Elevate practice of forgiveness + compassion + self-love

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