BE LOVE. | A Personal Healing Journey to Love

BE LOVE. | A Personal Healing Journey to Love


Are you nursing a broken heart?
Are you having a hard time loving yourself and recognizing your own beauty and talent?
Are you not feeling reciprocity of the love you shared with other?

Over 4 private sessions, we will dive into the realms of energy to shift our expression and experience of LOVE from the inside out. These sessions, with take home exercises, leverage a combinations of energetic healing technologies that may include SOUND, CRYSTALS, PRANIC HEALING, MEDITATION, FLOWER ESSENCES, SACRED GEOMETRY, YUEN METHOD and more.

Each session is customized to the clients needs to elevate and strengthen your muscle of LOVE.

Leave past hurt behind and radiate LOVE!


  • Four (4) private energy healing sessions (60 - 75 min.) over 4 - 7 weeks

  • Flower essences consultation + 2 months supplies of custom blended flower essences remedy for mental/emotional healing

  • Meditation crystals set

  • Focus

    • “Unblock” your heart chakra and increase the capacity to give and receive love

    • Transcend pain and past hurts

    • Release unhealthy binding connections

    • Transcend judgement, self-criticism and mistrust

    • Elevate practice of forgiveness + appreciation + self-love

    • Strengthen self-esteem, sense of self-worth

    • Nurture your inner child

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