BE RADIANT.  | A Personal Journey to Inner and Outer Beauty

BE RADIANT.  | A Personal Journey to Inner and Outer Beauty


Are you noticing sign of tiredness, sadness and stress on your FACE?

Are you unhappy with how you look?

Do you long to improve your appearance and confidence?

Over 4 private sessions, we will dive into the realms of energy to bring radiance to your look and more importantly, how you feel about your appearance. These sessions, with take home exercises, leverage a combinations of energetic healing technologies that may include SOUND, CRYSTALS, PRANIC HEALING, MEDITATION, FLOWER ESSENCES, SACRED GEOMETRY, YUEN METHOD and more.

Each session is customized to support you in looking and feeling fabulous. Be radiant from inside out.


  • Four (4) private energy healing sessions (60 - 75 min.) over 4 - 7 weeks

  • Flower essences consultation + 2 months supplies of custom blended flower essences remedy for mental/emotional healing

  • Meditation crystals set

  • Focus

    • Pranic Facial + Facelift

    • Heal subconscious inner image of self

    • Heal trapped negative emotions and stressors from the past

    • Bring out radiance, confidence, self love

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