BE STRONG.  | A Personal Journey to Physical Vitality + Immunity Boosting

BE STRONG.  | A Personal Journey to Physical Vitality + Immunity Boosting


Do you often get sick or worry about getting sick?

Are you working/living in an environment that often drag you down?

Do you have health conditions where you want to strengthen your immune system?

Over 4 private sessions, we will dive into the realms of energy to improve Physical Vitality and boost your immune system. We will also look into environmental factors to improve health. These sessions, with take home exercises, leverage a combinations of energetic healing technologies that may include SOUND, CRYSTALS, PRANIC HEALING, MEDITATION, FLOWER ESSENCES, SACRED GEOMETRY, YUEN METHOD and more.

Each session is customized to support you in strengthen your physical body to be health and strong.


  • Four (4) private energy healing sessions (60 - 75 min.) over 4 - 7 weeks

  • Flower essences consultation + 2 months supplies of custom blended flower essences remedy for mental/emotional healing

  • Meditation crystals set

  • Focus

    • Remove energy of congestions, sickness and drain

    • Boost immunity and infuse with healthy energy to create a sense of well being

    • Develop healthy habits and improve environmental factors to maintain vitality

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