5.10.2017 Spiritual Bath, Rituals For Self Empowerment | 7-9pm

5.10.2017 Spiritual Bath, Rituals For Self Empowerment | 7-9pm


Spiritual baths are one of the key spiritual tools we employ to clean ourselves of negativities and cultivate joy. They help maintain the flow of happiness moving into our physical, emotional and mental bodies. If you are overwhelmed, sad, depressed, lonely, unable to attract the right spiritual partner, or finding the ideal jobs, spiritual bath can serve as a powerful ritual for energetic shifts. 

In Haiti, where I come from, we have long been taking spiritual bath for this purpose. We have been practicing these rituals for generations and we know the their power and effectiveness. I watched and learned this communal practice since childhood.  In this workshop, we will review the different kind of spiritual baths, when to take it and how to take it. We will learn to notice  signs and messages after a bath. We will also cover which bath to take on birthday, New Years and newly meeting a dear heart friend.  We will review selected bath recipes for take home practice(e.g. good luck charms, attracting good fortune, removing negativities and curses).

Host: Jinpa Guiteau

TBD in Midtown Manhattan

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