10.28.2017 Sound + Scent: A Healing Journey with Aromatherapy & Sound Bath

10.28.2017 Sound + Scent: A Healing Journey with Aromatherapy & Sound Bath


***THANK YOU for your interest and support! This event is currently at capacity. We are planning additional dates in November and December. Please leave your email address and phone number at the CONNECTING page with a message for "SOUNT + SCENT WAITLIST" and you will be contacted for first dips as soon as the event is released.***

Relax under Floating Lotus' skylit studio as you float away into a trancelike state of deep healing and elevated consciousness facilitated by AromaHealing and Sound Bath. Delight in your senses. Feel balanced inside and out.  floatinglotus.com



A powerful combination of aromatherapy with energy work that moves and balances qi along the meridians as espoused in Eastern medical philosophy. Therapeutic essential oils are applied to specific acupressure points to enhance the body’s innate healing capabilities and increase wellbeing.


Sound Bath

Using healing vibrations from instruments including tuning forks, crystal alchemy singing bowls, gong, and much more, Sound Bath resets our body's vibration from stress, disharmony and dis-ease to clarity, focus, a deep sense of nourishment, and healing. It relaxes the mind, body and spirit.


Your Hosts

Glendy Yeung has lived a double life as a corporate denizen and emerging energy medicine practitioner over the last decade. Her search for higher truth has taken her to many sacred ceremonies for personal healing and spiritual growth in the realms of yoga, meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, flower essence therapy, sound healing, crystal healing, yantra and more. Her tools and gifts support the transformation and upgrade of the energetic bodies so that we can function as the highest form of ourselves while being in the world. 

Annie Caton-Wong is a Licensed Acupuncturist, essential oils educator, yogi, and mama. Her personal experience as a cancer survivor catapulted her into the world of holistic health. People refer to her as the “Harvard hippie” because while she received her formal education in the Ivy League, for the past decade she has immersed in the study of various healing arts including yoga, meditation, nutrition, aromatherapy, and Eastern medicine. As a heart centered healer, she is dedicated to empowering her patients with natural healthcare solutions so they can find health, peace, and fulfillment, and make a positive difference in the world.


Sat, Oct 28, 2-3:30pm

$30 presale ($35 day of)

Location: Floating Lotus (39 W 56th St, Penthouse)

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