6.1.2017 Esoteric Smudging | 7-9:30pm

6.1.2017 Esoteric Smudging | 7-9:30pm


New Techniques On Incense Smudging Like Never Explained Before.

In this rare and powerful workshop, Jinpa will will teach new smudging techniques that has never been explained before in this part of the world.  Following the Haitian tradition and Western mysticism, Jinpa will introduce the traditional art and practice of physical, emotional, and mental smudging to address the specific kind of trauma or negativity that causes imbalance in our lives: 

Physical smudging to clear out negativity from being bullied at work, bad competition, losing your jobs, divorce, etc. and will bring positive energy into the body related to: increase your life force after long illnesses, good jobs and relationship; and physical magnetism ( the force to attract others)

Emotional smudging to clear out hatred,verbal abuses, back biting, yelling and cursing from others, unable to find partners, lack of trust, being cheated on, any kind of accidents before going for a long trip, sports injuries (before it actually happens), rejections from friends, family and partner.  It is helpful for before a party and getting the right business deal etc.  It will bring positive energy to attract good friends and partner, to meet the right person.  
Mental smudging to clear out negativity related to: depression, black magic, jealousy from others, others people being jealous of your possession, deceitful friends and partners. It will bring spiritual joy and happiness, and support a calm and peaceful mind.

We will cover how to cleanse houses, personal objects, electronic equipments, ourselves or others for healing, including removing projections, spells, and curses. We will also cover traditional smudging techniques to attract positive friends and enjoyments of life in order to further our inner spiritual development. One smudging session can change our life forever.

This workshop is reserved only to students who have been taking Thupten Jinpa's classes before, anyone else must be interviewed by Jinpa before registering for this.

Recommend class material: The Breath of the Divine Sacred Smudging for Healing by Jacquelin Guiteau, available on May 5, 2017.  You can reserve a copy at Lilycircle.com. 

Host: Jinpa Guiteau

TBD in Midtown Manhattan

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