9.30.2018 Crystal Grid Co-Creation Ceremony | Healing A Broken Heart

9.30.2018 Crystal Grid Co-Creation Ceremony | Healing A Broken Heart

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Crystals, in sacred geomatic formation, have the ability to amplify energy which achieve healing, deepen meditation and accelerate manifestation.

Crystal Grids are not only beautiful to look at, they are also powerful tools which combine the interacting energies of crystals, with sacred geometry and one’s intention to amplify the process of bringing about a desired outcome.

As we awaken our light and evolve towards a crystalline structure, we can co-create and manifest with our purest intent in a community where we contribute as a pillar of light with our very own uniquely divine vibrations. 

In this crystal empowerment ceremony, we will co-create live a crystal grid with high vibrational crystals along with the most important ingredient- YOU.

Each and every one of the participants will hold space as part of the grid designed to empower and transform. Participants will be guided through ceremony with breath of the divine and meditation to purify the body and mind as preparation to receive the healing power of the crystals all around you. You will be further alchemized by crystal singing bowl to raise the vibrations to arrive at our grid intention. You will receive empowerment in the body being part of this unique crystal grid as well as receiving a photo of the grid to further anchor the energy of this divine co-creation in your life.



In whatever ways you are grieving, whether it is mourning an expired relationship, family member, pet or friendship, the way to move on is to soothe the emotions, heal your heart and realize the higher purpose. In this co-creative crystals ceremony, we will create a crystal grid with crystal wisdom keepers that are specialized in soothing heartache, foster understanding and forgiveness, and bringing back joy and optimism. Additionally, we will bath in the energy of crystal alchemy singing bowls to cleanse and further anchor the vibrations in the body to heal and transform. 

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