9.14.2019 | Sonic Science with Lester Loving

9.14.2019 | Sonic Science with Lester Loving


Sound plays THE major role in creation stories all around the planet. Sound and vibration have been used by many cultures in ritual and ceremony for thousands of years. While the secrets of how the ancients used sound may have faded to the background, our interest in sound was never lost. Today’s researchers have explored the use of sound to entrain brainwaves, impact our mood and awareness, neutralize bacteria and viruses in the body, and to levitate objects. Unfortunately there is also much research in weaponizing sound for crowd control, torture and more.

In this all day workshop, Lester Loving will discuss the nature of sound and frequency with us in the language of science, so we can have a greater understanding how sound impacts our being, its boarder role in the universe and how we can work more effectively with it.

When you register you can submit questions that may be important for you and we will answer what resonates most with the group.

Topics include:

  • Sound and vibration impact on the human body

  • Sound as the ultimate healing tool

  • 440 vs 432 and the speeding up of things

  • Introduction to the relationship between sound, frequency and sonic geometry

  • Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar flares—how they affect the electromagnetic frequency of the earth and human consciousness and how you can work with these cosmic forces.

About Lester Loving
From the age of 7, Lester Loving was steeped in herbs, farming & spirituality by his great grandmother Lucinda Wallace, known as the Herb Doctor of Memphis. From there, his study branched into crystals, magnets, sacred geometry and sound… leading him to his lifelong love of Pyramids & their practical applications. An expert in his field, Lester has appeared on many TV & Radio Shows, and has taught numerous classes & workshops in the NY Metro area. Lester looks forward to sharing a 40 year perspective of his studies in these fields with a scientific and naturalistic approach.

Date: 9.14.2019 Saturday

Time: 11-6pm

Location: Midtown East (address will be provided after registration)

Fee: $175

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