8.23.2018 | Mountain Day Magic Q&A and Sound Bath for Smith College Alumnae

8.23.2018 | Mountain Day Magic Q&A and Sound Bath for Smith College Alumnae


Do you invest in feeling your best self?

How do you regain inner peace, mental focus, optimistic outlook, physical ease and feelings of connectedness with love ones despite life’s regular challenges that leads to moments of sadness, frustration, anger, mistrust and fear big and small?

If you don’t live in contentment 24/7, it is of utmost important to have a set of tools to bring you back to that tip top mental-emotional shape over and over again. Regardless of reasons you drop out of ease and grace, you can learn the tools to find your center, bounce back faster, respond with grace and less drama.

In Mountain Day Magic, a wellness retreat hosted by Kate Peppard and I (both 97) over Columbus Day weekend 2018 (10/5 - 10/8), we will share with you tools to feel great physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and connect you with your fellow Smith sisters over our collective life wisdom. To help you jumpstart the healing experience (hello, anybody needs better sleep? better digestions?), I am offering an evening of short meditation, energy healing and sound bath to NYC area alumnus to kick off the process of rejuvenation and healing us Type A overachieving mom/corporate exec/teacher/entrepreneur/simplyyou we so often neglect and put to the very last. I will also be answering any questions and take input about Mountain Day Magic. Whether you plan on joining MDM, come as my guest to experience a moment of healing, peace and access deeper insights.

8.23.2018 Thursday


FREE Event - Open to Smith College Alumnae only

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