7.9.2018 Hemp Oil, Detox and Diet

7.9.2018 Hemp Oil, Detox and Diet



Join us for an engaging discussion and presentation of wellness and preventative care and the impact of the “Green Rush”!

There is a lot of conversation about Hemp these days.  And for most of us, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction.

While there is little doubt that hemp/cannabis and its use in medicine, supplements and beauty products will become one of the most flourishing industries of the next decade, there is still much to learn about the market.

In this event, you will hear about formulation, uses, and personal experiences.  In addition, we will focus on the importance of Detoxification and Diet.

Why not make this summer your healthiest yet?

Find out how using Hemp Oil as a Dietary Supplement can deliver healthful benefits without the psychoactive effect associated with this type of botanical.

Find out about the importance of detoxification when dieting and ways that you can ensure you’re living at optimal health and wellness.  (and fitting into your bathing suit and skinny jeans)!

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