6.25.2019 | Creating Flow - Clearing Stuck Mental/Emotional Energies. A Pendulum Dowsing Course with Roxanne Louise

6.25.2019 | Creating Flow - Clearing Stuck Mental/Emotional Energies. A Pendulum Dowsing Course with Roxanne Louise


All sorts of unresolved trauma, drama and emotional residue siphons off vital energy needed to be healthy, happy, successful, productive, and vibrantly alive. Lacking the awareness, skills, time and/or energy to process, these things get shoved in the background where they get added to current stressors making life more difficult. What you think you got over may only have been buried yet still festering beneath the surface and causing trouble.

Learn to quickly locate what needs to be addressed, the root cause of such issue, AND be guided in healing and clearing it out once and for all without trauma or reliving it! This includes stuck energies on people, ages, events, activities, as well as detrimental beliefs, judgments, addictive thinking, fears, self-sabotage, secondary gain, and even other people’s issues you picked up.

All of these things can hold you back from making your dreams come true. THEN: We will refocus on what you want instead, dowse on setting goals and priorities, and manifest with greater grace and ease to FLOW IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO GO!

We will be working in class with dozens of extensive charts and checklists from Roxanne Louise's comprehensive book, Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing.

Not only will this workshop give you a much deeper understanding of yourself, but it has the potential of stopping negative repeating patterns and creating positive flow in every area of your life!


DATE/TIME: 6/25 Tuesday 10-6pm


  • Full day training

  • A 248 page manual

  • •dowsing chart•

  • Follow-up conference call to answer questions

  • Lunch, drinks and snacks

Bring a pendulum or buy one in class ($10-20 additional).

LIMITED SPACE. $100 holds your place, payable on the donation box at www.RoxanneLouise.com. In comments, say it is deposit for 6/25.

Contact Roxanne Louise: 434-263-4337, roxannelouise2@gmail.com

Host: Glendy Yeung, 917-669-2884, glendy@glendyyeung.com


Roxanne Louise is a longtime Dowser, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, who has presented many times at most national hypnosis conferences throughout the US, as well as the American Society of Dowsers, West Coast Conference, Southern Dowsing Conference, and US Psychotronics. She has taught at several national conventions yearly since 1992. She won six top national awards in hypnosis including Lifetime Achievement, and was named last year's ASD "Educator of the Year". She founded and directs Central Virginia Dowsers in Charlottesville, runs two ASD monthly teleconferences, and is a member of their Board of Trustees. Roxanne is author of ten books on dowsing, hypnosis, Reiki, and self-help.

See www.RoxanneLouise.com, and her blog at UnlimitedPotentialHealingCenter.com.

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