5.9.2017 The Cancer Scare and Natural Breast Care | 7-9pm

5.9.2017 The Cancer Scare and Natural Breast Care | 7-9pm


The scare of breast cancer is becoming increasingly strong, no matter how many more screenings and medical procedures there are. Based on my years of medical studies and decades as a herbalist and healer, I have noticed that the monetary interests of the medical industry is an increasingly powerful force in the highly competitive marketplace “female breasts”. This class is about how to take care of our breasts naturally to keep them happy and healthy and to prevent breast cancer, as well as how to interpret and the various messages we receive from mainstream medicine about breast health. We will talk about which economical interests may taint all the breast care procedures women are commonly exposed to, from mammograms to breast cancer treatments and surgery. This class is teaching breast health and care from a different angle than my class two years ago. It focusses more on understanding biomedical health care, and how to interlace that with natural options. 

Host: Julia Graves

5/9/2017 7-9pm

TBD Midtown Manhattan 

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