5.21.2017 Developing Psychic Power | 7-9pm

5.21.2017 Developing Psychic Power | 7-9pm


In Haiti, it is a traditional practice to learn how to develop psychic power to test, compete or, at negative turns, harm one another on the psychic level. Time has evolved and those practice has diminished over time. However the same practice can be use in a positive light to help us advance on the spiritual path. This class is designed to help the spiritual seeker to be safe, and well protected in the psychic world.

During this class, we will review step by step process on how to develop psychic power and how to happily thread the spiritual path with joy and happiness. We will cover the most important factor of psychic power - psychic protection. The psychic plane can be a very dangerous place; yet it can be the most happiest place. You don't traverse it without the proper tools and armors. 

Host: Jinpa Guiteau

TBD in Midtown Manhattan

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