3.14.2018 Sound + Crystal Healing

3.14.2018 Sound + Crystal Healing


Don't you sometime wish you have a "RESET" button on how you feel physically and emotionally, and clear out what has been occupying your mind?  Sound as a modality can help "reset" your emotions and physiology by attuning the layers of your bodies to healthier vibrations. Combining with advance distant energy healing techniques, this session refresh your core being.  Come elevate your vibration and charge your energy bodies with deep mental clarity, emotional renewal and physical nourishment. 

In addition, we will be using crystals in various forms for deep healing and re-alignment of your energy centers, which attract and create your experience of the world.  Whether it is laying on raw and polish stones on the body, merging with the vibrations of crystal alchemy sining bowls, partaking crystals elixirs, we welcome these original wisdom keepers to help  nourish our body, grounding us to the present moment, and recalibrate your whole being to realign to your highest purpose.

This recurring healing session not only rejuvenate the mind and the body, it helps elevate our consciousness.  Past participants have experienced reduction of physical pain, elimination of mental stress and anxiety, new found clarity of mind, ability to focus, improve quality of sleep and deepen spiritual connection to your core being.  Effect often lingers for days after the session.




Tournesol Wellness (26 East 36th Street, NYC)

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