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5.21.2019 Heal the Healer | Monthly Self-Healing Session

5.21.2019 | Heal the Healer - Monthly Group Self-Healing Session. TOPIC: Self-Love
from 45.00

True Power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero and leader. - Yung Pueblo

Healings come from within. But how often do we focus on healing ourselves instead of taking care of others? Do you ever get to take care of yourself?

In this monthly series, I will apply group energy healings and be your guide to your self-healing journey. You will be given the steps. techniques, resource and most importantly, a structured ME TIME set aside in community of like minded individual to focus on your own personal healing using the Golden Light and Golden Fire Wand. You will be able to apply the healing steps anytime you need after the session.

Not just for Healers, this session is opened to all - from beginner with limited experience of energy healing as well as seasoned energy healer who can apply and amplify your own technique. I am getting excellent feedback from total beginners doing easy healing and seasoned healers discovering ways to enhance their work.


  • Group Meditation with Golden Light and Golden Fire Wand

  • Group Healing with Yuen Method and Pranic Healing to clear aura, energy centers, cut cords and detrimental influences

  • Guided Self Healing on monthly topics** with take home resource

All of the work I have been doing over the past 15 years is culminating to this launching point - sharing practices and tools to empower you to stay above the vibrational current for greater health, inner peace and most importantly, have the tool and knowledge to help yourself and others.

**Please include additional topics you are interested in for the session

5.21.2019 Tuesday 7-9pm

Midtown East

$45 - you already have your own Golden Light and Golden Fire Wand

$100 - include your own Golden Light and Golden Fire Wand

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