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5.30.2018 Soul Empowerment Ritual with Flower Essences

5.30.2018 Soul Empowerment Ritual with Flower Essences

Plants medicine have been employed by many cultures for wellness and healing. Different preparations of plant including food, spices, poultice, tea and tincture, support our being in various way in our daily lives from hungry, thirst, taste, to alleviate physically dis-ease.

Flower essences, a more subtle preparation, capture the spirit of a flower from a plant. It is especially suited for addressing mental emotional imbalances and patterns leading to dise-ase in the body. They have the ability to gently shift our consciousness so that we can response from a higher vibrational and constructive view point for ourselves and others.

In this experiential workshop, we will be using Spiritual Warrior flower essences, a family of essences from the Thistle family, to heal and align each major chakra of the body. This series of essences help bring back pieces of ourselves that we left behind at each occurrence of distress, shock, argument, heartache or disappointment while strengthen and protect our core being. We empower ourselves by bringing and recognizing wholeness within ourselves while maintaining healthy boundaries. This healing ritual is perfect for managing the stress of city living.

5.30.2018 Wednesday


Midtown Manhattan (Address to be provided at registration)

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