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Reading the Body – What Discharges Tells Us - advanced diagnostic skills training

  • TBD in Midtown Manhattan 10016 (map)

Once well understood as important signs about what is wrong with the body and which natural remedy it needs to heal, secretions and discharges are now much ignored, or lumped together as “infection”. Whether healthy or a sign of sickness, secretions from wounds, nose, or genitals are the body’s way of asking for help. The characteristics of their color, consistency etc. can tell us exactly what the body needs to come back to balance and heal. Come to learn which herbs and cell salt deficiencies fit which symptom picture. In this way, coughs and colds, wounds, and vaginal imbalances can heal quickly and easily. This class is suitable for anyone from an interested lay person, and specially designed for clinical herbalists and fertility workers.

Host:  Julia Graves

$50 pre-register | $50 day-of