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Step into Your Dreams, Cultivate Psychic Power with Lucid Dreaming Techniques & Dream Interpretation

  • TBD in Midtown Manhattan (map)

We spend one third of our life sleeping.  Our waking moments are filled with work, socialization and chores. It is not easy to find time to do spiritual work and advance towards our spiritual goals, yet,  we know time is running out. Our mind knows it. We feel it. And all of a sudden, there is that inner rush to go deeper into our soul to find the truth. We notice our life is getting busier and more chaotic. Time is passing by faster than ever before…

If what is described resonate with you, then dream awareness can be a path to illumination.  You can make significant advancement for your spiritual practice by jumping into the universe of dreams.   

We will explore the following topics:

  • Psychic protection for dream awareness
  • Step by step process of getting into your dream
  • Routine exercises to prepare for dream awareness
  • Dream recollection, remember your dream 
  • Being able to dream of subject you want 
  • Lucid dreaming experience, how to cultivate the experience
  • Control your dream

This class will bring into awareness that one of the main purposes to nurture the dream body is to develop renunciation to the physical world. It is from this renunciation that we can begin truly enjoy life in our physical body without attachment. The mere fact of being fully lucid in our astral body or dreams will open our physical heart to unlimited  joy and happiness. The world will never be the same after stepping into your dream awareness.  

After a lecture on dream process and techniques, we will practice dream awareness together to the healing vibration of a mini-gong bath. At the conclusion of our dream session, we will discuss and learn to interpret our dreams. Please wear comfortable clothing. 

Host: Jinpa Guiteau

$55 pre-register | $60 day-of