1.28.2018 Sound Healing for the Subtle Bodies

1.28.2018 Sound Healing for the Subtle Bodies


Sound Healing for the Subtle Bodies

| Bridging Body Awareness to Mind and Spirit|

Yoga as a meditation in motion brings us to a place of stillness in the mind. In this stillness, we are able to step into the experience the subtle vibrations that are the undercurrent of our physical being and connections to all that is. Sound, or nada yoga, as a medium of yogic transformation is a perfect accompaniment to asana practice which brings us further into the experience of subtle vibrations and energies. 

In this experiential workshop, you will receive healing sound vibrations in savanna that bridge your consciousness from the physical into the emotional, mental and spiritual realms.  It is a great accompaniment to yoga practice balancing the yang (asana) with the yin (sound) in deeply reaching into the core of our being.  As your vibration is elevated, each part of your bodies will be infused with intention and clarity.  Past participants has experience reduction of physical pain, elimination of mental stress and anxiety, new found clarity of mind, restful sleep, and deepen spiritual connection to personal truth. 

1.28.2018 5:30-6:30pm (Immediate after scheduled yoga class at 4pm)

Kula Yoga Soho - 481 Broadway, 3rd floor (Grand & Broome)

$30 advance / $35 day-of

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