1.20.2019 Group Pranic Healing + Full Moon Sound Bath

1.20.2019 Group Pranic Healing + Full Moon Sound Bath


Full moon is a special time of the month when we can leverage spiritual practices to divert discordant energy around us and use the massive energy to bless the earth, our projects, our loves ones and our wishes for rapid and proper manifestation.

In this special edition of sound bath, we will start with Meditation on Twin Hearts followed by elevating our personal vibrations with sound frequency using overtone instruments to remove stress and sluggishness in our energy bodies. From the state of clarity and one pointedness, we will send blessings to Mother Earth, people in our lives and energize our wishes for rapid manifestation. While you are immerse in deep sound, group Pranic Healing will be applied to deepen the healing effects.

Wear comfortable clothes to lay down. Please bring a yoga mat.

Date: 1.20.2019 Sunday

Time: 3-5pm

Location: Pranic Healing NYC 123 West 11th Street, Buzz Meditation


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