1.11.2018 Kick off the new year with Sound + Flower Essences

1.11.2018 Kick off the new year with Sound + Flower Essences


Plants medicine have been employed by many cultures for wellness and healing. Different preparations of plant including food, spices, poultice, tea and tincture, support our being in various way in our daily lives from hungry, thirst, taste, to alleviate physically dis-ease. 

Flower essences, a more subtle preparation, capture the spirit of a flower from a plant. It is especially suited for addressing mental emotional imbalances and patterns leading to dise-ase in the body. They have the ability to gently shift our consciousness so that we can response from a higher vibrational and constructive view point for ourselves and others. 

In this workshop, after discussing the practical application of flower essence, we will experience several essences selected for helping you to step into the new year with optimism, balance effort and grace in all that you do.  We will relax and journey with sound to further integrate the vibrations into the body. 

Each participate will take home 1 essence to continue the vibration in the coming month.

1.11.2018 7-8:30pm

Tournesol Wellness (26 East 36th Street, NYC)

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