10.17.2017 Sound Bath@Tournesol Wellness

10.17.2017 Sound Bath@Tournesol Wellness


Come retreat into a cozy napping spot at Tournesol Wellness (36th Street Between Park and Madison) and allow the sonic healing rejuvenate and re-calibrate your core bring to your true authentic Self!

When we experience distress mentally, emotionally or physically, our bodies are 'out of tune'. This may manifest as issues like anxiety, insomnia, digestive issue, disturbed emotions, tightness in our neck, lower back pain, etc. We fall out of functioning at our natural optimal body rhythm of ease and peace. Sound, as vibration, has the property to be used as medicine to shift our perception and reality mentally, emotionally and physically, reset our body and provide relief.

This recurring sound healing session functions as a tune-up for the body, where soundscape created by healing instruments will be used to attune your body. It provides a reset of your mental-emotional state, brings clarity to the mind, nourishment to the emotions and rejuvenates the physical body.

Location: Tournesol Wellness (26 East 36th Street, NYC)

10.17.2017 Tuesday


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