8.29.2019 | Elevate - Sound Bath @The James NoMad *New Moon Edition*

8.29.2019 | Elevate - Sound Bath @The James NoMad *New Moon Edition*


Another moon, another opportunity to ride the thin veil and the increasing momentum to create, elevate and bring to life your vision. Bring your journal to this one and capture the moment of insight and next steps to elevate.

Our vibration, expressed in how we feel, has a major role in attracting and creating the experience of our lives. Like going to the gym, you can train your vibrational “muscle” by regularly immersing in healing vibrations that drop away hesitation and worry to reach for what you desire and deserve. Let's get your vibration aligned to elevate!

This sound experience functions as a tune-up for the body, where soundscape created by overtone emmiting healing instruments will be used to attune your body. It provides a reset of your mental-emotional state, brings clarity to the mind, nourishment to the emotions and rejuvenates the physical body. Additional energy healing principles will be applied to further help anchors in how the elevated vibrations of grace and ease in your entire being.

8.29.2019 Thursday



The James NoMad - Penthouse Suite [TBD]

22 E 29th Street, New York

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