6.16.2018 Flying Sound Bath@5th Wall Studio

6.16.2018 Flying Sound Bath@5th Wall Studio


Float away into a trancelike state of deep healing and elevated consciousness as you are bathed in Glendy Yeung's healing soundscape, while being suspended in the cocoon-like comfort of silk hammocks. Delight in your senses. Feel balanced inside and out.


We can all attest to how a song can instantly transform our mood. Sound, being vibrational, is well positioned to influence our body, mind and emotions. In a Sound Bath you release stress and lower vibrations as your body synchronizes its own internal rhythms aided by healing sound frequencies. These frequencies rejuvenate the body and bring your brain waves into theta state where deep relaxation, inspiration, profound creativity and a sense of deep spiritual connection with the universe can be experienced. Every sound journey is unique. The healing, relaxation and rejuvenation that can be experienced in this practice is accessible to all.

Glendy Yeung has lived a double life as a corporate denizen and energy medicine practitioner over the last decade. Her search for higher truth has taken her to many sacred ceremonies for personal healing and spiritual growth in the realms of yoga, meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, flower essence therapy, sound healing, crystal healing, yantra and more. Her tools and gifts support the transformation and upgrade of the energetic bodies so that we can function as the highest form of ourselves while being in the world.

6.16.2018 Saturday


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5th Wall Studio (160 N 4th St Apt 7 | Williamsburg, Brooklyn)


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