3.19.2019 | Sound Bath @Home

3.19.2019 | Sound Bath @Home


In this special edition of Sound Bath, Glendy will be delivering her vibrational healing experience directly to your HOME via Zoom.

Pre-requisites and prep:

1) A pair of good headset (ideally overeat)

2) Light some incense or diffuse some lavender essential oil to clear your energy and your space

3) Get comfy - pajamas, blanket, teddy bear, eye mask/pillow, dim light.

4) Zoom program installed

5) Extra credit - have a bowl of water with handful of salt in your space to catch congested energy as you release them during the sound healing experience.

Be ready fo join us for some light movement before settling in for healing sound vibrations.

When we experience distress mentally, emotionally or physically, our bodies are 'out of tune'. This may manifest as issues like anxiety, insomnia, digestive issue, disturbed emotions, tightness in our neck, lower back pain, etc. We fall out of functioning at our natural optimal body rhythm of ease and peace. Sound, as vibration, has the property to be used as medicine to shift our vibration, perception and reality to provide relief.

This sessions functions as a tune-up for the body, where soundscape created by healing instruments will be used to attune your body. It provides a reset of your mental-emotional state, brings clarity to the mind, nourishment to the emotions and rejuvenates the physical body. Additional energy healing principles will be applied to further help anchors in how your embody your desire in your being.

3..19.2019 Tuesday



At the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Link will be provided day of event.

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