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Golden Light and Fire Wand

Golden Light and Fire Wand


The Golden Light Wand is an ancient tool, that comes into this reality as the fog lifts. 

It is one of my favorite tool right now. I wear the small size version as a pendant and it is handy for use to clean food and drink, any time I need to do a healing, and a lot more.

Energetically, it is a golden rod about 18 inches tall, its fuzzy rainbow-color energy vibrates along with a humming sound.  The sound coming from the rod is used for healing, clearing, and everything. The color and sound work together as part of what this tool is.

The Wand is simply a physical bridge to this energetic tool. The Golden Light aspect of this tool exists in the 3mm brass rod, approx. 14” (specifically 35.3133 cm) in length for the full sized
version, and approx 4" for the 1/3 sized version. This sacred measure is known as the Standard Teotihuacan Unit. The golden-light rod exists on a higher dimensional plane and anchors into the physical through this measure.

As the Higher Soul Self steps in to hold the rod, the work we do directly affects the Soul aspects throughout time, space, and dimensions. When a person holds the wand, they are engulfed in a Golden-White Light. Clearing takes place with the person and vibrations are raised all around them. This brings through more than just personal and environmental clearing and healing, rather situations and realities are also cleared and healed in the process.

Small size - $44

Large size - $52

Some of the benefits:

  • Personal Transformations

  • Connects into chest and into the Heart.

  • Brings through all the Activations and Attunements of the Golden Light and Golden Fire tools

  • Clears Geomagnetic lines, and follows the lines outward to clear the source
    of non beneficial energies

  • Entity Clearing “Ghost Busting” through Soul Activations


  • Meditation

  • Activations

  • Energy Healing

  • Space clearing

  • Entity clearing

  • Energetically clean food and drinks

  • and a lot more usage that you may discover as you work with the wand!

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